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Online MBA Programme

Today’s business world has never been more competitive. It needs highly skilled and knowledgeable managers able to meet today’s challenges, solve problems and implement organisational change.

Acquiring our online MBA will make you able to meet such challenges giving you an competitive edge, improving the contribution you can make to your organisation and to your career prospects.

MBA graduates are creative, innovative managers with leadership capabilities possessing critical problem solving skills and abilities to implement new strategies and effect organisational change. For others it will enhance their entrepreneurial acumen.

Through our online learning system we examine real world business and management problems to enhance your learning and thus enable you to transfer this learning in a positive way for the benefit of your organisation.


Online MBA Programme Structure


Our MBA degree programmes requires completion of 7 core subjects and 1 specialist subject


Core Subjects

  1. Applied Corporate Finance
  2. International Business Management
  3. Operations Management
  4. Strategic Marketing
  5. Organisational Behaviour
  6. Management Information Systems
  7. Strategic Management


A Consultancy Project (Dissertation)


Specialist Subjects (one from)

Digital Transformation

Project Management

Human Capital Management

Organisational Development and Change

Supply Chain Management

Financial and Management Accounting

E- Business



Graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with a minimum of a relevant 2 years work experience. We also recognise professional qualifications in any discipline.


Course Duration

Our online MBA programme is delivered in modular form. Each subject is programmed to be delivered including assignments, case studies and online discussions over a 8/9 weeks. We expect the whole MBA including the final Project (dissertation) to be completed within 18 months.

The final Project (dissertation) requires a formal defence (viva voce) which will be conducted online.


Degree Awards

The MBA Degrees awarded are dependent upon the specialisation selected and the final project related to the specialisation.

For example if Digital Transformation is selected as the specialist subject the MBA award will be titled: Master of Business Administration in Digital Transformation.

More details can be obtained from the Registrar – registrar@ppa.fr


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