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Doctorate in Business Administration


The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program contributes to Research in Management Sciences and to the development of professional practices of professionals (managers, consultants, senior managers and executives) wishing to enrich their practice with a scientific approach and get critical analytics skills

At the end of the program, the PPA certified student will be able to:

  • Develop a process for Research, Development and Innovation in Business Management.
  • Optimizing the overall strategy of an organization with the support of Research.
  • Support singular and complex changes in organization.
  • Facilitate and hold conferences and professional and academic training.

Applicants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an advanced level of critical thinking, analytical and conceptual skills.
  • Contribute to existing knowledge, create new knowledge, concepts and develop a continuous learning approach.
  • Apply advanced scientific and empirical concepts, methods to a critical Business Management problem in order to propose solutions and create lasting impact.
  • Communicate on research results to a wide and varied audience.
  • Demonstrate a sustainable contribution to the practice of Organizational Management through innovative solutions, new business models and value creation within organizations.
  • Demonstrate ethical probity, intellectual rigor and systemic commitment to professional and academic practice.
  • Illustrate leadership skills in achieving transformative socio-economic changes in an organization.


Three-year study program structured around Management and Research modules. The program is practice-oriented and incorporates the latest research methodologies enabling professionals to practice and develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

School Year and Teaching courses :


Year 1 Semester 1 (modular) - 16 credits
- Human ressources
- Modern Innovation and Entrepreneurship
- Strategic Marketing and Market Research
- Trends in the Management of International Organizations

Year 1 Semester 2 (Modular - 1 subject per 1½ months) - 16 credits
- Public policies and economic issues
- Finance - Reporting for financial decision making
- Operations Management
- Business strategy


Year 1, semester 3 (modular) - 8 credits
- Research Design and Methodology
- Advanced Statistics

Year 2 - Year 3 - 40 credits
- Thesis (50,000 words) & Viva Voce

Total credits 80


Pedagogical modalities

Virtual learning environment, supervision of experts, professional scenarios, project-based learning.

Research laboratory within the school.

Career opportunities

Managerial and Consulting positions, Policy Development. Manager, Department Director, Consultant-Researcher, Expert in Management Science, Professor.

DBA admissions

DBA applications can be submitted at any time for review.

Applications can be submitted online : DBA application form

Holders of a level 7 diploma or certification according to the European nomenclature and justifying at least 5 years of professional experience can apply.

- Hold a level 7 diploma or certification according to the European nomenclature, or equivalent;

- Have a minimum of 5 years of professional experience as a Manager;

- Present and motivate before the admissions committee the reasons for willing to access the certification as well as the theme and problem identified for the managerial essay.

Overseas centers issuing the DBA

  • Malaysia and Myanmar
  • Bangladesh
  • United Arab Emirates

Tuition fees

The cost of the DBA program is € 5,000 per year from the date of registration.

Payment plans are available upon request.

DBAs by publication

The thesis by publication places a DBA candidate's research on the world stage and validates its relevance to the international business community. The DBA by Publication option is designed according to the AQA guidelines: “An applicant can present a portfolio of research papers and publications contextualized by a coherent narrative, demonstrating an original contribution to knowledge. These publications may include articles, chapters, monographs, books, scholarly editions of a text, technical reports, creative works in relevant fields, or other artifacts "(QAA, 2011). Thus, the final thesis by publication document, written in English, brings together a series of related publications in a coherent document.