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Amélie CHAPALAIN                                         Romane LETORT
International Relations Coordinator               International Mobility Officer
+33 1 70 83 41 99                                              +33 1 86 22 27 25
achapalain2@reseau-ges.fr                            rletort@reseau-ges.fr
How to apply?

Apply online and fill in your nationality and address. You will be contacted by the International Relations Department and will receive all the information you need by email to finalise your application.

When to apply?

You should contact us between 1 year and 3 months before to the intended intake.
September/October intake application deadline: 1st of July
November intake application deadline*: 1st of September
January intake application deadline*: 1st of November
*if a January or November intake is available for the chosen program

In case of admission?

You will be notified of your admission and will have to complete all the necessary steps to finalise your registration.
You will have to pay your annual tuition fees in full to finalise your registration in our school.
Once registered, you will receive the necessary documents to complete your student visa application.
Please note that we do not issue pre-registration documents.

Campus France

If you are admitted and enrolled in our school, you will have to go through the Campus France procedure to obtain a preliminary Agreement necessary for your student visa application.
Therefore, sign in and complete your Etudes en France file as soon as possible.
Don't hesitate to use all the resources available by Campus France website to help you prepare for your studies in France as quickly as possible.
Please note that a file validated by Campus France does not necessarily mean your student visa will be granted.

On your arrival

After your arrival in France, you can remain on our International Relations department to help you with the administrative procedures if you meet any difficulties.
Our pedagogical team and our Corporate Relations Department will answer all your questions and support you throughout the year.

Validation of your Long Stay Student Visa - VLS-TS

When you arrive in France, you must validate your Long Stay Student Visa online within three months.
Algerian students: you must go to the Prefecture to exchange your Short Stay Student Visa for an Algerian residence certificate, marked “student”.
Within three months before your visa expires:
  • If necessary, contact the International Relations Department in order to obtain the necessary documents to submit your application for a student residence permit.
  • Find out more information on the website of your local Prefecture.
The procedures to be followed may change according to your status (minor students, etc.) or your nationality (Algerian students). In most cases, these procedures must be done online on the website of the Agence Nationale pour les Etrangers en France (ANEF).

Non-European Union students and alternance

When you arrive in France with a student visa, you are considered as a “newcomer” student.
If you are enrolled in our school, you are eligible for internship agreements during your first year of study in France.
However, newcomer students are not eligible for apprenticeship contracts or professionalization contracts during their first year of study in France. This is only possible from the second year of study in France.


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